Facilitating the efficient exercise of data privacy rights worldwide.
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We're transforming the way organisations manage data subject access requests, by providing simple and powerful tools to ensure requests are always received in a structured and actionable manner.

Not only do these tools assist organisations to meet their obligations within the timeframes required, but they create a practical and unburdensome channel for efficient customer communication. Our vision is for a world where personal information is not only protected, but respected.

Basic Form (free) - See demo

Compliance with data privacy laws shouldn't cost a fortune. Our Basic Form for receiving data subject access requests is available for use (for free) by any organisation, big or small. It provides a basic, unbranded, mechanism for receiving access requests in a structured format and through a secure channel. There are no bells and whistles or over complicated phraseology; just simple questions in a visually pleasant form - designed to solicit straightforward, actionable, responses. Best of all, you can have your form fully set up and implemented in less than 3 minutes.

Professional Form ($199 /mo) - See demo

Our Professional Form for receiving data subject access requests offers a more tailored solution for organisations wanting a more professional look and feel (i.e. branded), or requiring custom fields. We charge for this service because it costs us to host and offers substantially more value than our Basic Form.

Enterprise - Get in touch

If you require heavy customisation or straight-through processing (including via our APIs), please get in touch. We can provide practical solutions to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

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